Sunday, July 17, 2011

H0w t0 impr0ve Self-esteem...

Most teenagers equate self-esteem with their looks.However,self-esteem is much more than just taking pride in your appearance.In order to build up your self-esteem,you must empower yourself.

Reflect on what you are really good at and concentrate on that.Enjoy whatever you do,build up on your abilities and take pride in the new skill that you develop and the talents that you already posses.

Avoid having negative thoughts about yourself and refrain from dwelling on failures.Learn from mistakes and move on,improving as you go along.

Always set goals for yourself.Think about what you would like to accomplish and make an action plan.Set realistic goals that you can achieve and don't try to expect the impossible.It is certainly good to aim high,but always see that your goals are within reach.

Make a significant cntribution such as teaching a classmate who is having trouble understanding.When you feel that your contribution is helping to make a difference,there is a perceptible rise in your self-esteem.

Teenagers with high self-esteem generally feel happier and fulfilled.They find it easier to deal with failures and are usually able to stick with something till they succeed.

*self-esteem-keyakinan diri

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